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Our story


Growing vegetables and baking bread are, in essence, fairly basic, primitive and (in theory at least) straightforward processes.  But, when you work in nature and with living fermented cultures no two days, bakes, seasons or end products are ever the same.  I relish the challenges that emerge from this ever changing environment, I love the thought of these tasks being carried out throughout time and the connection this gives to the past and I love turning something as simple as a seed or grain into something delicious that can bring a smile to people's faces.

We are Rich, Kat, Fred and Laurie.  The boys were born in Gloucestershire, but we felt a strong pull to come back to South Shropshire and bring them up amongst family, to create a way of living that teaches them how to embrace nature and to do our own little bit to protect their futures.

I will be at the forefront of all things Dick's, with the rest of the family supporting me along the way.  I grew up wanting to be a farmer, and in some small way this move to being a producer means I've finally achieved this.  As a former chef who worked up to 3 Michelin star level I have a keen eye for detail and a sound understanding of good produce.  As a former teacher I hope to share some of these skills in the future, but for now you'll find me in the potting shed, mixing dough or delivering the fresh produce.

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